I realize I have not posted a blog in a while, this is because I have been rather busy with school and not to much has happened. 

However, just this last week a few things have happened that I would like to blog about, but I may switch to a different site just for my blogs and try to keep this one for my applications and artwork. or possibly move them all over to one. 

Just an update, not I am not dead for any random people who may be reading this that I dont actually know. 
Well it has been long past due that I make another blog post however this month has been going pretty slow since the 4th. I finally started working at Pamida a week and a half ago so now I have some actual income. Other than that, its been quite hot.

So anyways, back to the topic of me talking to myself in my head about last weeks camping trip to Pines on Fort Peck Lake and some sweet photographs I just happened to take. Unlike my other posts I will probably keep this post a bit shorter so to start, Pines, it's such an amazing spot to camp that I really cant explain it in words. It's located in a secluded area of Fort Peck Lake that is just covered in pine trees, thus the name. Where is the rest of the lake is completely flat, dry and rocky for the most part. 

The beach at Pines is made up pebble sized rocks, however, these rocks are like marshmallows. They are very soft and quite comfortable to walk and run on. You can pick them up and break them between your fingers. Just off the beach is the wall of pine trees and right next to that wall between the lake and the pines is where we set up our tent and fire. 

During the trip we did a bit of swimming and had some good laughs and also some really really odd deep thought conversations that you normally would not expect talking about during a camping trip. Though this was probably because we each drank 6 bottles of hard lemonade. The sky was mostly clear so we had a straight shot view at the stars. I attempted to take a picture of them but all I got was black. 

Later in the night we heard a some noise in the brush that's about waist high and on the shoreline side of us, so I decided to shine my flashlight over at it and caught some bobbing green eyes looking back at us for a few seconds until disappearing to never be seen again. Both Dionne and I saw them and thought at the time it might be someones dog or possibly a coyote or other animal. But upon further research it turns out with the approximate head height off the ground and the eye glow color it may have been a Cougar/Mountain Lion. They are common in the area so its not unlikely. 

Either way, that was one interesting moment. That same evening I took some of the best pictures I have ever taken in my life.  Which is all thanks to Dionne for mentioning Pines and finding the particular camp spot we were at.

Anyways, here are my favorites of that evening. None of them we edited or had any accidental effects. The sunset literally looked just as it did in every one of these photographs. Enjoy.
So today (Wednesday, writing this 12:30 am Thursday) ends a very tiring but awesome week of camping, kayaking, biking and hanging out with friends.

It all started last Saturday, Dionne and I went kayaking at the dredges and exploring the islands and finding some very nice swimming spots. So we kayaked and swam all day that day. The next day, Sunday, I went back out to the dredges and hung out with Nathan who I have no seen since leaving school for the summer and Dionne. Basically did some more swimming that day up at the actual "lake" where I also met Dionne's mom for the first time. 

Monday I went back out to the dredges with my uncle (Todd) and his girlfriend (Sherri) and her daughter crystal. Todd and I went kayaking through all the dredges and back which was pretty tiring after all the swimming and kayaking I did the previous two days. Anyways we finished that and I decided to go back into town for the night while they camped for the night.

Tuesday I went back out to the campground and thought I would hang out there at the dredges and camp the night, well a storm started coming in so we decided to just pack up and head back into town since most of what we wanted to do was outside. Later that afternoon just before falling asleep I get a call from Dionne asking if I wanted to go camping with her, her mom, and Nathan since they needed an extra tent. (totally using me for my tent haha) So we drank a little and had a fire going and mainly just talked and told random stories about embarrassing moments. I got to know her mom more which was pretty cool.

That morning (4th of July) we took to the lake which we were camped out right next to and went swimming, we got Nathan an actual life jacket that fit so he did not looks so funny in a small, tight, purple one. We dove off the docks and messed around with floaty tubes for a bit. I had by far the worse dives which was totally because I couldnt get a grip of the plastic dock with my wet feet, however, Dionne''s were not much better. Infact she looked like a dead fishing just tipping over into the water lol. Other than the swimming I got to know her mom some more, and met her dad, they are both really cool people.

We started packing up around 4pm and went and ate at a place near the dredges before parting ways. (Reminder: I owe Dionne $11.25 for breakfast and dinner)

Almost fell asleep driving home because of how tired I was. Was at the lake everyday since last Saturday and it really takes a toll. 

Finished the day with sitting on the shop roof watching the fireworks, I attempted to take some pictures and videos but with it being so dark my camera could not focus correctly and every picture/video turned out terrible. Which is why you see no pictures on here today. 

So I just recently a few days ago installed my first ever sub. Its a 12" Infinity 300watt (1200 watt peak) subwoofer, and I must say its the best thing I have ever done to my car.

I had to build the box for the sub, its a sealed box meaning no air ports which gives it a solid kicks and real crisp bass. I set it up in my trunk which seems to amplify the bass sound even more compared to if I have my backseat down so it is directly in my car. 

The amp I am using is only a 100watt amp, its what my uncle had laying around, which means I am only using 1/3 of the bass power I could be using. Which is insane to think with how much bass it already is pushing and all of that is from just one speaker.

My favorite aspect thus far is having my seat turned into a massage chair. :D

Heres a few pictures and a video so you can kinda hear how intense the bass is. 
(note: the bass sounds terrible coming through the video, this is just to show the intenseness.)
Intense bass starts at 40 seconds in. 
I play 2 tracks in this video, the 2nd starts somewhere towards the last 30-40 seconds.
So this weekend was pretty much awesome, started out with just the idea of going kayaking and biking Saturday, but that changed when Dionne said that we should go camping Friday night at some legit spot that not many people go to. So all day Friday I was taking orders from her and packing and packing and packing and searching and searching and searching for things... She really likes to plan these camping trips, luckily my uncle had nearly everything she was listing out, which would have cost a small fortune if we had to go and buy all of it.

Anyways, she arrives here at my uncles (where im at for the summer) and we head off to Albertsons to get some "Instant Pancake Mix", (Apparently you just add water, which is legit.) Since she wanted to make pancakes in the morning. I, on the other hand, found some small pizzas in our freezer and figured I would try and cook them for dinner over the fire which worked out amazingly if I do say so myself.
Anyways, before all that, when we arrived we setup the tent and immediately went swimming, something we both agreed we wanted to do. The lake itself actually was not very cold, though it still took me a few seconds longer to jump in (I was being a vagina about the cold water) but after I jumped in I got used to it fairly quickly. 

So we swam around for a bit looking at some small cavern things whilst crashing my knee/feet into hidden boulders. (this reminds me, Dionne is creeped out by rocks under water.. lol) 
Anyways, fast forward about 20 mins and I decided to take some pictures of the area before it got to dark to do so, I also got some good pictures of the sunset along with us showing off our completely ripped biceps. those pictures looked much cooler on my camera screen since we were completely blacked out.
Just before we went swimming.
The surrounding area.
Camera was out of focus when I took this, couldnt tell on its screen. but the fullsize picture is terrible.
And then of course, here are two pictures of us looking absolutely ridiculous. Like I said, they looked so much cooler on my cameras screen when out bodies were completely blacked out. Don't laugh to hard. I think Dionne looks way more hilarious than I do hahaha.
So after that we built a fire and sat around it for a few hours and just talked. I also tried Bud Light for the first time, that shit taste like shit, didnt even drink half of a bottle. Apparently its an acquired taste that takes about a year to grow on you... Not sure I could keep drinking it for a year.. I think I look way cooler than I actually am holding that beer... as you can see below.
And because I have been writing this for the last hour and going into way to much unneeded detail I think will just fast forward this last bit.

After sitting around the fire we went to sleep, woke up, packed up, came back into town, unpacked, re-packed, grabbed the kayaks/bikes, drove out to the bike drop off point (as indicated in the map i made in my previous post), took a quick picture to compare how burnt we get after we finish this course.
Take note of how we are not sunburned at all in this picture.
We then drove up to the 1st dredge, unloaded the kayaks, Dionne complained about them smelling like rain water for a minute, and the cast off on our 7.25 mile kayak trip. 

We then kayaked (like bosses, people be jealous and starring) through the 1st, and 2nd dredge and then pulled a mad double kayak 360 snapping a shot of us and the bridge in the background.
It was so damned windy at this point that my hair completely curled up and blown back making me look all funny throughout the rest of the trip.

fuck that wind.. that wind was completely trolling us the entire way I swear to god. If I could punch wind in the vagina, I would.

Anyways, we then way later on went through some extremely super intense rapids.. Do you see those white caps!?
We finished the kayaking part in probably around 3 hours. From which, we parked the kayaks and jumped on the bikes.
Then took our 7.45 mile bike trip all the way back to the 1st dredge, this took us about an hour, much faster than the kayaks with basically the same distance.

Once we got back, we packed up the bikes and took the one last picture to compare how burnt we got compared to when we started. (refer to the picture of us at the bike drop point)
In this I may look burnt, but I actually did not get any sunburns. However, Dionne did. hahahaha...
With that, ends an amazingly fun weekend along with a really awesome kayak/bike trip where, apparently to Dionne, we burned like a million calories.

Man.. blog posts are intense. took an hour to write this. I think I need to hire somebody to write these for me... or atleast do some of the work... I mean, damn... 
2 summers ago my uncle came up with this simple kayaking course, that, at the
end of it, you ride a bike all the way back to the start. It was a lot of fun and a 
extreme workout. I think we both almost died. 

When I first did it, half way down the bike path he challenged me to a race, 
from which we both rode as fast as we could to the vehicle. which was about
3 miles of racing, in the end I won but just barely. 

I am much more in shape this summer so I don't think it will be nearly as bad
as then, but you never know. 

I took the time to map out the course with google maps so you could get 
an idea of the location and an idea of what it looks like.

(You can click on the paths/markers for more detailed information)

View Kayaking Exercise Map in a larger map
Well I finally got my car back and its fixed and while it has been getting fixed I came up with the idea to turn my Kindle Fire, a touch screen tablet that I took and installed onto it the Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system, and use it for my music.

So after getting my car back thats what I did. I downloaded a few different music applications for it until I found one that would be easy to use while driving, and found one I did. With it I can control the equalizer, bass, treble with ease. Changing a song is a simple slide of my finger across the screen. 

To step it up even further, I can even watch my favorite episodes of Family Guy and Futurama while driving! Sounds dangerous right? Well I wont be staring at it, but I can hear the conversations and can glance over at it now and then. This is mostly to give the passenger something more to do on longer drives and what not. 

Oh and I almost forgot! it still plays games, so if I so feel like im bored on my 6.5 hour trip tomorrow, I will just play some Angry Birds along the way :)

I even took some pictures of it in action! and no, I was not driving while taking the pictures.
Well to start, I decided I wanted a website or a place to better host my current and future games and applications along with somewhere I can post pictures of the many random things I take, thus a blog. 

So thats what this website will be!

With this I will be able to better show off my work and and talk about it at the same time whether it be art, games, or applications. Dropbox will be my host for my stuff but to get them you will need to come here. I will keep an update log and date so that you can easily check now and then if there is an update. I will probably also post updates to twitter/facebook.

Anyways, there is still much work to be done on this site, but for now I have to go wake up my dad and put the $50 in fluids I just bought for my car in that.

So until my next post, enjoy a picture of this cat holding a balloon!